Happy Birthday to Beautiful You!

Celebrating another birthday?

It’s not always easy to get excited about birthdays, especially when you’re milestone ones get to be bigger and bigger.  After all, at sixteen you were excited to finally be able to drive the car.  At eighteen, you could go off to college or start your first real job.  Those were fun birthdays to anticipate.  When it got to be your 30th and your 40th, you took those “over the hill” jokes pretty well, knowing you still had lots of time on your side.

What about now?  What about those birthdays that put you into yet another decade that takes more than five fingers to count?  Those birthdays may seem a bit intimidating.  Well, let’s look for the sweetness that those birthdays bring, the reasons to celebrate and enjoy the glow of those yet beautiful candles.

For one thing, if you’re still here, it probably means your work on this planet isn’t done.  You’ve still got a mission, a job to do and God is making sure you have all the time you need to get it done.  He’s still surrounding you with friends to encourage you, children and grandchildren to remind you of where you’ve been and how far you’ve come, and precious peaceful moments to simply reflect on all the good things life has brought your way.

You’re a shining and loving and beautiful example to a lot of people.  Your smile alone makes a difference to those around you.  You beam a little extra light and love their way and they forget all about their own problems because you’ve helped them to realize the joy that friendship brings.

There’s no one who can bake a pie like you can or tell a story with that same sparkle in their eye.  You have an enticing magical light that has grown more vivid over the years, partly because you’ve come to know and understand yourself a little better with each birthday candle.  You’re an amazing person, a real work of art and no matter how many birthdays you celebrate, it will always bring joy to the hearts of those who know you and who love you…just for being wonderful you!

Happy Birthday…celebrate it with great joy!!

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