Back to School — Another Fresh Start!

Even before the leaves have dressed up in their sparkling fall colors, the preparation begins.  Stores offer their best selections of colorful notebooks, glittery pencils, and backpacks with favorite cartoon characters or sports logos.  Everything is fresh and new again, another year will soon begin.

Can you recall that first year, that first time when you were just a little kid lacing up your new tennis shoes or Buster Brown’s and getting ready to walk or ride the bus with a whole lot of strangers?  You were probably a bit wary as your mother packed your little lunch pail with a peanut butter sandwich and some carrot sticks.  You hoped she’d put in a cookie for good measure.

School!  It could be a bit daunting.  Big hallways!  What if you got lost?  What if you couldn’t find your way to the bathroom?  What if your teacher didn’t like you?  There were so many things to wonder about.  Perhaps you could fake a tummy ache.  After all, your mom wouldn’t want you to go to school if you were ill.  Yes, that could be the thing to do!

When you finally got to your classroom, you were impressed by the brightly lit room, the colorful bulletin boards that looked like there might be some fun things to do, and the corners of the room devoted to wonderful books and arts and crafts.  This might not be so bad after all!  This was looking good.  Wow!  You could hardly wait for school to start!

Whether you’re sending a little one off to school this year or you’re a teacher getting ready to go back for a new year, or you simply enjoy the memory of school days, from those early years, to those high school events, or college days, there’s something wonderful about going back to school.

This fall, encourage the back to schooler in your life with eCards from and consider re-creating some “back to school” moments of your own by signing up to take a class, or learn a craft, or begin a new project.  After all, you can still make your mother proud.  Besides you’d love one of those cool new notebooks!

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