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Winter Warm-Ups

Brrrr…it’s chilly!  It’s a good time to find your cutest fuzzy socks and your favorite mug filled with hot chocolate and warm up.  In fact, after you take a few sips, you might try warming up by simplifying the world … Continue reading

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Presidents Day Trivia

Hail to the Chief! Presidents Day falls on the 3rd Monday of February each year. Originally known as Washington’s Birthday, the day is also famous in the retail world as a day to break out the winter sales. So celebrate … Continue reading

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Black History Month

Did you know Black History Month got its start in 1926 as a week set aside to honor African-American contributions to American history? Every U.S. president since 1976 has officially designated February as Black History Month. Other countries around the … Continue reading

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That Love

by George Davis Who are you? And what have you done with the old me? What have you done with my heart? I don’t even recognize me anymore. What kind of Love is this? At one point, I thought it … Continue reading

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Valentine Recipes

We’re serving up some Cupid-approved recipes! After all, it wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without a few special indulgences, would it!?  Enjoy and don’t forget to add the love!    Chocolate Decadence -Tiramisu 2  3-ounce packages  ladyfingers, split 1/4  cup  brewed … Continue reading

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American Heart Month Health Tips

Hearts are associated with love and life, and that’s why American Heart Month is so important. For the month of February, it’s important to take a look at what keeps your heart healthy so that your life stays strong, happy, … Continue reading

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What is Chinese New Year?

Chinese astrology dates back to ancient times.  Perhaps the oldest known and recorded horoscope system in the world, early inscriptions and records found at archaeological sites indicate that this ancient Chinese art existed as early as the 14th century, B.C. … Continue reading

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